Camden Tour

Before listening

Read the questions and then listen to track one.

1. What’s your guide’s full title?
2. What four voices of London does the ghost mention?
3. What’s the weather like as you leave to go outside?
4. How does the ghost feel every time he goes to Camden?
5. Why does the ghost decide to catch a cab?
6. What’s the first thing that happens when you arrive in Camden?
7. What four extraordinary fashion styles does the ghost talk about?
8. What kind of concert does the ghost describe?
9. How does he describe the atmosphere at the concert?


Finding and replacing colloquial expressions

1. At the end of your visit to Camden, Lord Jeffrey tells a story about the first punk gig that he went to. Look at the following phrases taken from his anecdote below and discuss their meaning.

  • Punk called out to me
  • Something special was going on
  • I felt at one with the music
  • The place kicked off!
  • It just hit me
  • I was in tune with the music
  • The people felt alive
  • It felt like nothing else on earth!
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