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Every programme is designed specifically for your needs, building on what you already know and giving you the vocabulary and grammar you need for whatever reason you are learning English. Each course is designed for your level. We will work on reading, listening speaking and writing skills and focus on what you will find useful and more importantly interesting. This is just to give you an idea of the type of syllabus we work on.


  • The Present Simple, Present Continuous,
  • Will and Going to Future,
  • Past Simple.
  • Vocabulary for everyday objects,
  • Asking questions,
  • giving directions,
  • making arrangements.
  • Language for social conversation.
  • Business language. 

  • Present Perfect, Past Perfect & Past Continuous.
  • Passive and active forms.
  • Vocabulary for culture, politics and business
  • Conditional sentences
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Focusing on fluency
  • Writing styles
  • Presentation Styles
  • Self study skills – to build autonomy in learning. Conversational lessons and formal business presentations.
  • Preparation for the PET and FCE.

  • A full grammar review
  • focus on accuracy both in speaking and writing.
  • You will be challenged along the way to become more confident and accurate in your use of English.
  • You’ll be exposed to more complex reading and listening activities, given language structures for letters and reports, challenged to reason and debate.
  • Should you wish the programme can also be adapted for CAE exam or IELTS.

This highly challenging programme for students wishing to become proficient in their use of English. This programme will lead to high levels of accuracy in written and spoken production. You will listen and respond to a range of complex discussions, presentations. Read complex texts and understand the nuances of language. This course can be adapted to the CPE exam or IELTS


Prices start from €15 per hour for a group


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