Lesson Zero

Lesson Zero is an introductory lesson that lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. It provides an opportunity for you to decide if online learning with me is a good fit for you. During the lesson we will talk about your learning objectives and then…

I will assess your English

Through conversations I will ask you questions that will prompt you to use vocabulary and grammar that you know.

We will find out about each other

I will ask you questions about your life, and want you to ask questions about mine.

I will help you feel comfortable using the technolgy

We will check you can hear listening exercises, watch videos and do on-line writing tasks in Google Docs

Listening Exercise:

You will listen to Dan talking about his life at University. Listen twice and try and answer these questions:

Use a pen and paper to help you remember your answers.

  1. Where does he study?
  2. What’s his hobby?
  3. Describe his day?
  4. What time do they have lunch?
  5. What does he usually do in the afternoon, and where?
  6. After University what does he want to do?

Speaking Challenge: Describe this Video

Talk to me about these pictures

Young and old

Strange jobs

What's the story