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Feel Free

The expression “Feel free” + infinitive, is an invitation to do something. For example: “Feel free to look around.”

  • “Feel free to bring a friend to the party.”
  • “Feel free to help me with the cleaning, rather than watching me do it!”
Some other popular expressions with free include:



Free expressions
As free as a bird.
To get away with (something) scot-free.
Give someone free rein.
There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
To be footloose and fancy-free
Break free
To do something of your own free-will.
To be free as a bird means that you have no restrictions.
To get away with something scot free means there is no punishment for a crime.
If someone has free rein, they can make decisions without referring to anyone.
There’s no such thing as a free lunch means that even if something appears to be free, you usually have to do something for it.
A fun way to say liberated and happy.
To obtain liberty
Your free will is what you choose to do.
Spare parts for the Fiat are freely available all over the world.
Fat-free yoghurt, gluten-free bread, smoke-free fuel.
Freeing & Freed
Using the present participle (-ing) and the past participle (-ed) we have two adjectives.

Being told I didn't need to be perfect was the most freeing piece of advice I received.

The freed hostages were offered professional counselling.
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