Reviewing Your Site: Writing Visually

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The expression, “Putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes” is really helpful for reviewing websites. It is all to easy to write and design for ourselves, without checking if that’s what the people we’re trying to communicate with, need. There are different ways to do get yourself into the mindset of the person you want to communicate with, but even trying to figure out who your “average” client is often quite challenging, especially if like me stereotypes make you uneasy. However, there is another way to approach this and that is to look objectively at the information you have on your website.  People want information quickly, is your information offered quickly? People want to click things. Does your information have things to click?

  • Web page communicates in the written word.
  • Web pages communicate visually (text layout )
  • Photographs and images communicate
  • Click-ability is what we’re aiming for.

Your message needs to be communicated quickly and then you need to provide detail. People might read all the detail, they might only read some of it, and quickly. Whilst they scan the page with their eyes, your job is to give your audience your message, and some the option to find out more. People will travel through your information following different routes, exploring different information in detail, and they will then choose where they go next. Your job is to guide them in to becoming a client.

Have you ever seen this text?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras adipiscing, enim ac luctus facilisis, dui leo aliquam ligula, et tempor mauris augue vel dolor. Nam blandit faucibus est vitae euismod. Quisque at neque volutpat tortor rutrum dictum. Etiam lorem nulla, tincidunt vel rutrum ac, venenatis at metus.

It’s in Latin, of course, but unless you are very well versed in Latin, it’s just a bunch of letters, that look like words. There’s no meaning. So you can ignore it. Fabulous! It was used in printers to help work out what the newspaper would look like before the articles were ready to print. Its nonsense is helpful because it means we focus on things that do make sense. And this is how people who are superficially deciding to stay on this page or go and find something more useful (or entertaining) for them.

Now look below.


The Essence of your message

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Is most effectively received

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Through headings

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Text that jumps out

There are many ways to make ideas stand out.Quisque sollicitudin scelerisque dolor sit amet egestas. Morbi neque sapien, feugiat quis ultricies ac, tempus ut purus. Curabitur eget neque vel orci tristique vehicula at eget enim. Nullam eget lectus id neque facilisis dapibus a in libero. Phasellus consectetur urna vel justo suscipit dictum. This makes sense! Pellentesque pellentesque vulputate ligula, non posuere nisl tincidunt eu. Etiam vitae diam id nulla scelerisque molestie. Mauris laoreet justo non odio tincidunt pulvinar at et sapien. Donec in feugiat massa. Cras condimentum sagittis sem quis consectetur. Suspendisse egestas diam ut nibh euismod convallis. In enim mi, pulvinar nec rutrum nec, tempor vitae ipsum. Proin feugiat hendrerit mi, et gravida augue aliquet vitae. Maecenas et nisl metus, nec dapibus justo.

A single idea

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And when your message is loud and clear. You want to…. Click me



Start writing your webpages by using headings. Use clear language in your headings, you can give more complex detail in the paragraph. Think visually and use the functions that your theme offers you to highlight important information. Hide information that only some people might want to explore more deeply. At the end of your post or page, think about what someone might want to click next. Giving a few clear options is so much better than giving 10.

For example to end this article on reviewing your website, I would want you to either

Sign up for website support (this page can be found here)

Go and read / listen to a free  English lesson about writing for the web.  (I have put this on my to do list).














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