To help with transparency and trust, these are the terms and conditions that all students agree to. They are strictly applied at the start of our relationship, but as we get to know each other more, flexibility increases.


After your free trial lesson (lesson zero), all lessons must be paid for in advance. Payment can be made via bank transfer.

If you buy a package of 10 lessons, by starting those lessons you agree that

The lessons must be used by the end date shown on your lesson record. This is usually 12 weeks for one lesson per week, or 7 weeks if you have chosen two lessons per week.
Lesson packages that start after 15th June, can be extended until 2 weeks after the start of the new academic year (usually around 15th September) the summer period of the Academic term.
The fee is non-refundable.

Suspending your lessons for several weeks

If your circumstances mean you need to suspend your lessons beyond the end date, you may negotiate a suspension period with your teacher and confirm this in writing. Suspended lessons can be resumed within the academic year which runs from 1 September to 31st August. There may be a charge for long suspension periods.

Late or missing payments

If payment has not been received in our bank account before the start of the lesson, the lesson may be cancelled without notice, or the full advertised rate of €45 may be charged.

Your record of lessons taken
A record of the lessons you have taken, cancelled, postponed etc, is shared with you via Google Drive. It is updated regularly. You can check your Skype history (if we are using Skype) to confirm the dates you took lessons. If you notice an error, please inform us.

Cancelling lessons

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must give at least 24 hours notice before the start of the lesson so that you are not charged for the lesson. Notice must be given via SMS, WhatsApp or email. You may also use the cancellation link on the confirmation email you received if you booked online.

If the teacher needs to cancel.
If the teacher cancels the lesson with less than 24 hours notice you will not be charged for the lesson and you will be credited with 30 minutes.

Bad connections and Cancellation

There are times when your or my internet connection is not perfect and sound and video quality cause communication problems. If possible, we will resolve the problem together over the phone, but if it becomes too difficult to continue the lesson, the lesson will be cancelled and you will only be charged for part of the lesson. If the problem reoccurs several times and is not traceable to the teacher’s connection, you may be asked to suspend your lessons, until you have found a permanent fix.

Rates and Discounts

Before the Lesson

You should check your connection, microphone and computer before the start of the lesson.
Do a test call (to Echo Sound Test Service) so that you are sure you can hear and be heard.
Please be online 2 minutes before the lesson with your status as available.
Please allow 10 minutes after the lesson just in case you need extra time (you are not charged for this)

During the lesson.

Please limit all distractions
Don’t try and take your lesson in a bar or cafe unless this has been agreed with your teacher.
Keep your mobile with you but please reject any calls that are not from your teacher. (if there are connection problems, your teacher will call you on your mobile number)
Please try and use headphones or earphones.
Please set your Skype status to Do Not Disturb after the lesson has started.
If you lose your connection please try:
restarting your modem.
restarting your computer
running an internet speed test if you have a ping number higher than 40ms, your connection might not be stable enough to use Skype.
if you have low download and upload speeds, we may need to do the lesson without the webcam.

Running Late?

If you are going to be late to the lesson, please call, SMS or email the teacher as soon as possible.
If you are not online 15 after the lesson was scheduled to start, and have not contacted the teacher, the lesson will be abandoned and the full lesson will be considered taken.

If your teacher is running late, they will send a message via Skype to warn you. If the teacher is more than 20 minutes late, you may choose to cancel the lesson (free of charge), extend the lesson.

Lesson Postponement or Cancellation

If you need to move or cancel your next lesson you must give 24 hours notice. If you do not, the lesson will be considered taken and you will be charged.

Occasionally last minute emergencies come up and we try to be flexible by offering an alternative time within the same week. There may be additional charges for rescheduling.

Suspending Lessons
Lessons may be suspended for up to 4 weeks.

Use by Date

Your lessons have a use-by date based upon the number of weeks you intend to study with digital-daniel. Typically this is 12 weeks after the date of the first lesson. Lessons not booked before this time may be lost.

Lesson Times

The rate you are charged depends upon the time of day you have the lessons. You are able to book lessons at times of the day that correspond to the rate you are charged. Evening and Saturday lessons are premium times, and so you can also move your lessons to mornings or afternoons. Afternoon lessons are charged at the lowest rate and these lessons can only be taken in the afternoon.

Self Study Online Resources

Your self-study online resources are available to you throughout the academic year provided that all payments have been received. Your access to these is suspended at the start of September of the following academic year.

Please do not copy, share or distribute your lesson materials to others.
Please do not share your username or password with others.