WordPress Training Part 1

By the end of this training sessions you will be able to:

Access the WordPress dashboard
Create a page
Add text to the page
Understanding the basic formatting options available.
Understand the advantage of using hyper-links
Create a hyper-link
Understand the formatting problems that can occur when copying and pasting text from Word.
Add a photograph
Understand the size and weight requirements of different types of photos.
Add and remove pages from the menu.

Handouts from the training session are available in your Google Drive.  You can print these out. This page is available to you at any time.

The WordPress Dashboard.

What is it?

The WordPress DashboardThis is how you add content to your site and adjust settings. It’s the main interface you will use when you work on your site. To access the dashboard you will need:

the address to log in. which is your site domain followed by /wp-admin  or /wordpress/wp-admin.

example: www.thenameofyoursite.it/wp-admin or www.thenameofyoursite.it/wordpress/wp-admin

your username and password

This information will have been provided to you in an email.


Creating a Page

Pages are for permanent or static information, information that doesn’t need to be updated regularly. Traditionally pages are shown on a menu. We will be using two areas of the Dashboard to do this: Pages and Menus.

We are going to:

  1. create a page.
  2. give the page a title
  3. add text and photos to the page.
  4. set the photos to be duplicated for the translated versions of your page.
  5. publish the page

We will also discuss:

Headings and subheadings
Copying from word
SEO Information



Look on the right hand side of the dashboard for the word (Pages) Click Pages and the menu expands or pops out. Click Add New

The next screen you will see will look like this:




A guide to writing pages


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